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Roof slates

?upek dachowy

      Slate is a natural stone made ​​from sedimentary rocks. The overlap of rocks for millions of years results in its cleavage and its unique appearance. It is completely natural source so that your roof will be ecological and naturally beautiful. 

Different colours of slates depend on the source they are sourced. Green, lead or scarlet slates are sourced from France, Germany or Spain.

According to your needs and trends we can create a unique, stylish building. These are the most popular roofing made of slate:

??upek Rectangular cladding
??upek na dach Wild cladding
??upek na dach Decorative cladding with coquetes
??upek na dach Decorative cladding with fish scales
??upek na dach The classic old German style cladding
??upek na dach Decorative cladding with octagon

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